Gwendolyn Bui Awarded Paul M. Gervais Memorial Music Scholarship

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In recognition of her passion for music and achievement in academics, the Paul M. Gervais Memorial Music Scholarship of $ 1000 is being awarded to Gwendolyn Bui, a senior graduating from Burncoat High School in the class of 2016.

Ms. Bui, an accomplished musician, is a member of the Burncoat String Quartet, the Burncoat String and Symphony Orchestra, and the Joy of Music Youth Symphony Orchestra. In addition to her musical talents, Gwen has been class president for her sophomore, junior and senior years and is the founder and president of the school’s Community Service Club. Ms. Bui has also excelled academically and has taken a host of advanced placement courses including music, physics and biology.

An athlete, Gwen is the captain of the girls’ varsity tennis team and is also rows for Girls Varsity Fall and Spring Crew. Ms. Bui will enter the nursing school of UMass Boston.

Established in May of 2013, the Paul M. Gervais Memorial Scholarship was founded in memory of a well-known and admired patron of the arts, a Distinguished Alumnus of the Worcester Public Schools. Paul’s goal was to serve the community, fostering a love of music and supporting talent for countless promising musicians. Paul’s family, friends and colleagues in the music community have established this scholarship to allow his legacy of support for the arts to continue. This memorial scholarship assists young musicians to access and to develop their gift of music as well as supporting additional music endeavors in the central Massachusetts area.

Of her love for music, Ms. Bui states, "Music was the only way I got through high school. I am a violinist, a pianist, and guitarist who likes to lead. Playing the violin was the perfect thing for me. It opened doors, opportunities, and gave me another perspective on life.” Cathy Gervais, widow of the late Paul Gervais say, “Gwen is the perfect awardee for this scholarship. She embraces the same ideals and values that Paul held so dear – music, education and service to the community. The entire Gervais family wishes her all the best in the years to come."

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